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Ordering & Shipping Information

You may place your order in several ways: Please choose only one method. We cannot be responsible for filling duplicate orders.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Make check or money order payable to Robert M. Harper, Jr.   Please note that until the nursery's credit card service has been activated, your credit card statement will show a charge by Deborah Anne Gartzke, Attorney, rather than Weird Dude's Plant Zoo.

Minimum order $30.00, plus shipping and sales tax, if applicable.

Virginia residents add 5% sales tax to total before shipping charges.
Florida residents add 6% sales tax to total before shipping charges.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not ship to Alaska, Arizona, California, Hawaii, Oregon, or the state of Washington due to the high cost of shipping to these states and the fact that these states have extremely burdensome and non-cost-effective regulations on plants shipped from other states. We will charge your credit card when we ship your order, only for the plants shipped and related shipping charges at that time. We will charge any additional amount later if we have to ship back-orders.

We are in Zone 10 and can ship from here any time of year. You may place an order at any time of year and we will schedule it for shipment as soon as possible thereafter. However, your local weather and the weather between us and you will dictate whether we can safely ship your order. We stay apprised of weather conditions around the country to the best of our ability and will advise you if we feel it is not a good time to ship to your location. We will then reschedule your shipment for a better time. We are a small specialty nursery. If you want a plant, we encourage you to order it when you see it, as we grow many of our plants in limited numbers.

We ship primarily by U. S. Postal Service. In some instances, we may ship by another carrier if the size of the order or the size of the plant(s) ordered necessitates.

Shipping charges for 2010 are as follows: $10 plus $2 per plant, regardless of your location.

Privacy Policy:

We do not sell or share your personal information with any other company. Whether you order on-line, by mail, telephone, email or facsimile, we collect your name, shipping and mailing addresses, email address, business and home telephone numbers, and credit card information solely for the purpose of filling your order and shipping it to you. We will use your email address and/or your telephone numbers to contact you to schedule shipment of your order. We must provide your name and shipping address, and possibly your telephone number, to the shipping carrier for the purpose of having your order delivered to you.

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